Run any 32-bit or 64-bit application as a Windows service
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With FireDaemon Pro you can run any 32-bit or 64-bit application as a Windows service.
Main features:
- Monitor and restart your app if it crashes, hangs or shuts down
- Start your app at system boot, without any user intervention
- Schedule your app to start/restart at specific times and dates

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  • Question: My computer is running slow and sticking. I use Windows 10 and have a Dell Precision M4800, i7 CPU, fully loaded with memory). I ran a full scan with Windows Defender and it found no issues. I then cleaned up some things on my SSD, but that didn't seem to have any effect on the issue. I then disabled startup applications like Skype, Realtek HD Audio Manager or One Drive and that made the boot process a lot faster. However browsing via Edge or Firefox is still sluggish as well as wow play. I went on to background tasks and that's when I found FireDaemon in the background service tapping the processor and it seems that each time I run Edge, the CPU usage jumps as well.What does this do for me and my computer? Does this have anything to do with my mobile? I never added the program directly on to my computer, so what's the most common way to get FireDaemon?Thank you in advance, Thomas.

    FireDaemon is a tool that lets you run applications and scripts as Windows services. Since it can be used to bind applications to certain CPU cores, automatically relaunch crashed services, etc. It's very popular with the online gaming community, especially those who host dedicated servers for games like Minecraft, Rust, etc., so that's the most likely way it wound up on your computer. As it's a tool specifically designed for Windows there's no connection between FireDaemon and mobile devices.

    As far as I know FireDaemon itself isn't dangerous so it's probably not the cause of your problems. I recommend using Open Hardware Monitor to check your laptop's temperature as dust or an improper placement may be affecting your CPU's performance. In case the temperatures seem within normal limits, use a different tool to scan your PC such as Malwarebytes Anti-Malware or an antivirus like BitDefender, which has great detection rates.

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